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English-Korean Word FinderTuttle Learners Korean-English Dictionary anniversary ginyeomil anniversary unit of counting how many years have passed after a certain time dep. English-Korean Word FinderTuttle Learners Korean-English Dictionary be, stay 1 gyesida be, stay 1 ittta beach, bathing resort haesuyokjjang beach, coast badakka beach, coast haebyeon bean kong bean paste stew doenjangjjigae bean sprouts kongnamul bear gom bear to maettta bear, carry pumtta bear, endure chamtta beat, hit ttaerida beat, pound ttwida beautiful areumdaptta beauty parlor miyongsil beauty, beautiful woman miin because waenyahamyeon because of , since dep. English-Korean Word FinderTuttle Learners Korean-English Dictionary classical music keullaesik classmate, colleague 1 donggi classroom gyosil clean kkaekkeutada clean, neatly kkaekkeusi clean, tidy, clear 1 chiuda cleaning; clean cheongso hada clear, certain bunmyeonghada clear, distinct tturyeotada clear, obvious myeonghwakada clear, obvious 1 ppeonhada clear, sunny maktta clearly, obviously bunmyeonghi clerk, shop assistance jeomwon climate gihu climb oreuda climbing, hiking; climb a mountain deungsan hada. English-Korean Word FinderTuttle Learners Korean-English Dictionary dirt 2 ttae dirty, filthy deoreoptta dirty, messy jijeobunhada disability, obstacle jangae disabled the jangaein disappear sarajida disappear, be missing eopsseojida disappear, melt away pullida disappointment; get disappointed silmang hada. English-Korean Word FinderTuttle Learners Korean-English Dictionary fall down, collapse sseureojida fall foliage danpung fall in love 1 banhada fall out, come out ppajida fall, autumn gaeul fall, drop tteoreojida fall, trip neomeojida fallen leaves, autumn leaves nagyeop familiar nanniktta familiar ikssukada familiar, experienced 1 iktta family member gajok family member sikkku family name, last name 1 seong famous yumyeonghada fan buchae fan paen fancy, colorful hwaryeohada far, distant meolda far, far away meolli farewell, parting; part ibyeol hada farm nongsajittta farm nongjang farm produce nongsanmul farm village nongchon farm work nongsail farmer, peasant nongmin farming nongsa fashion, style, look paesyeon fashion, trend; in fashion, popular yuhaeng hada.
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Contact Admin. Login Signup. Signup Login Contact Admin. Liana 32 Eumseong.
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